Join our Full Moon Club for an inwardly-focused and gently calming practice, drawing on the energy of the full moon to nurture wholeness and fulfillment in our lives. This Full Moon Flow will help to release any tension stored in our subtle, energetic body, so that we might open ourselves up to receive all the celestial gifts the full moon has to offer.


Each month, we will learn a little about the origins of the name of that full moon, and set our own personal intentions for the coming cycle. Includes Sue’s signature moon bathing meditation.


Your instructor is Sue, self-confessed lunatic. Please register in advance if possible!


Cost / Instructor

Cost: $100 full series (11 remaining classes - still saves you $32 ) or $12 per drop in. Full series includes a cute little intention notebook.


Instructor: Sue Whitmarsh


Cancellation policy

Please note that should you cancel up to two weeks prior to the event, you will receive a full refund, less a small administrative fee of $5. For cancellations of two weeks or less, refunds will be subject to a 20% cancellation fee.



Full Moons of 2018:

  • NEXT! Tuesday, May 29 - Flower Moon
  • Thursday, June 28 - Strawberry Moon
  • Friday, July 27 - Buck Moon
  • Sunday, August 26, Sturgeon Moon
  • Tuesday, September 25 - Harvest Moon
  • Wednesday, October 24 - Hunter’s Moon
  • Friday, November 23 - Beaver Moon
  • Sunday, December 22 - Cold Moon


  • Where: Breathe Yoga
  • What to bring: Yoga mat and water bottle. (Yoga mats will be available for rent.)

About Your Instructor



RYT200, RCYT30


After initially trying yoga, as many people do, as a new form of exercise about 7 years ago, I found I kept returning to my mat as a refuge; a place of safety, peace and serenity. It offered me so much more than a purely physical practice, bringing me a sense of balance and calm that I can honestly say I had never felt in all my adult life. Soon, my practice began to teach me to be kind to, and accept myself, and all of my ‘perfect imperfections’, so, when the idea of training to teach became a whisper in my subconscience, what drove me to listen was the need I felt to assist others in their journey toward inner peace; by holding a safe space for them in which to feel what they need to feel, and develop a positive, compassionate relationship with themselves.


I graduated from Johnny Kest’s Center for Yoga, Ann Arbor, in 2013, and have since taught classes in a number of studios and gyms in the Chelsea/Ann Arbor area, inlcuding Chelsea and Dexter Wellness Centers, Move Wellness, Ballet Chelsea, Country Spirit Crossfit and through Chelsea Community Education, where I teach Young Yogis for children K-8. My classes are primarily centered upon integrating mind and body through the power of the breath, through love and through kindness, drawing upon all facets of what yoga has to offer us both on and off the mat. It is my deepest, deepest pleasure to welcome you to Breathe.




Half Moon Balance

Ardha Chandrasana


"I love all balances, but this one in particular feels like such an expression of joy, as I lift my heart skyward!"