We are founded by your commitment to us and ours to you, the community we create together, and the fun we have along the way!  It is our goal to meet your needs as we stand by your feedback and comments.     Yoga is both a practice and a philosophy of being mindful.  Thus, it is also our goal to build a studio that fits the needs of our community... for you!  Thank you for the continued support and testimonials you've provided us.


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"In the Christian tradition we are encouraged to "pray without ceasing", and as balanced as I feel coming into class, I just can't believe what a deep prayer experience this is. Even after 3 classes, the movement of Spirit pulled so deeply into the body and shared with classmates in the silence is absolutely amazing worship. I have truly found a deeper form of centering prayer for myself; incredibly joyful and peaceful healing."

Rev. LeAnn Seto, UCC Pastor, after Breathe Easy


"It was great! Thank you very much! I do realize that this is exactly what I need in my life. I know that I will slowly improve with time and practice."


"Very helpful and helped me understand each yoga pose in depth. I am now able to correct myself if I feel the pose is not correct."


"The beginning class was a great way to learn the poses in a comfortable environment."


"Feel much more confident in participating in future classes. Last class was the best. I found the first class mechanical."


"Very informative and relaxed environment. Thank you :)"


"The instructors were very friendly and helpful. It might be nice to add one or two classes at the end to work on poses and integration of poses in a typical class format to help boost the confidence of students."


"Hoping you have more classes to offer on the weekends. Great job. Pilates class would be great."


"The class was great! Still wish I had pictures of the poses! Thank you! :)"




"Thank you! Please keep me on the email list & I would be interested in Sunday AM runs" Denise Lotz


"The Breathe Through It was an excellent program. Highly encourage studio to offer again. I would be very interested in continuing with Sunday runs!" Janet


"The class was wonderful, helping me to refine my skills as a runner and develop new skills in yoga in a perfect complement. This class also introduced me to a group of runners here in town, a relationship I hope to maintain."





Dianna Kause is an outstanding Yoga Instructor!  My daughter has been involved in the Young Yogi program at Breath Yoga in Chelsea.  She looks forward to every Wednesday spent with Diana and the other children.  Diana has a sweet and calming demeanor and is a gentle leader.  My daughter loves every class she attends, as Diana makes it unique and different every time.  We are moving soon, and I know it is going to be difficult to find such an amazing Yoga instructor that is as engaging and fun as Dianna!  She will be missed!

Heather Greenwald

Parent of a Young Yogi



Comfortable and serene, always welcoming and supportive of students of every level. Offers a personal touch without being intrusive. I always feel better after a class at Breathe! And Co-owner Susan is the best! Really an amazing place!

Susan Bairley


As a new student to yoga, I’ve come to find Breathe Yoga the perfect space to learn and practice this incredible form of self-care. The studio is serene and peaceful. The instructors are skilled, empathetic and encouraging, regardless of each class participant’s level of experience. The community of yogis Breathe is nurturing is welcoming and kind. This studio is a gem in our community.

Jeff Hall


"Joyful serenity"? Seems like a contradiction, but that's what i felt after leaving the final class of a 6-week series of Qi Gong by

Steve Schriemer at Breathe Yoga. in fact, that's what i feel anytime i attend an event at Breathe Yoga. [It's]... so nice to have such a warm, down-to-earth yoga studio here in our little town and also glad to hear that Steve will be back again on Sundays starting in April!

Jonny Lewis


I just wanted to send a note about Yoga Out Yonder. The Saturday morning hike in the woods, meditation and yoga is so relaxing, yet invigorating, its a great way to begin the weekend! Sitting on the deck with the breeze blowing across my skin, the birds singing, acorns dropping, and squirrels bustling was the perfect way to connect with nature, and with myself. My friends and our daughters can catch up during the hike, and then find our own space during the yoga practices. We love it. Kathy Taylor



I have been struggling with Fibromyalgia for the last 10 years and Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 2. I have tried going to the gym, tapes, and anything to get healthy, but nothing has stuck. However, since Breathe Yoga has opened I have been coming to class about 5 days a week and have found "my thing". With my illness my body attacks itself and I feel so helpless. However, when I am in class and holding a pose, I feel powerful and in control of my body. I love it!! Breathe Yoga Chelsea is such a blessing and I talk about you to everyone!!!

Erika Daman



Yoga Nidra was one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had. Sue did an incredible job of explaining what to expect and her calming  voice with her British accent was perfect for guiding this experience. I look forward to participating in yoga Nidra on a regular basis as a means for self-renewal.

Kim Greenstein



“Tuesday night slow flow yoga is the highlight of my week. I feel completely reborn every time. I never want to leave!”


Molly Cole



"As parents, we have struggled to find the ideal balance of 'just right' activities for our children. One of our goals is to empower our girls with enough self-esteem and courage to face the daily challenges of life. Yoga with Sue Whitmarsh has become the highlight of our girls' week and she brings incredible balance to their lives. Sue has a gentle way of reaching each student wherever they are, giving them tools to build focus, strength, and self-awareness. We've watched our girls gain confidence in themselves, learn skills to help de-escalate when they feel anxious, and find peace and strength in being exactly who they are. Sue leads them fluidly and expertly, and we see the benefits of her influence every single day. Yoga has become a centering experience for our girls, and it's a beautiful thing to watch them grow under Sue's tender care!”


Lisa Hinz Johnson & Steve Hinz







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