Specialize in your yoga training and dig deeper.


There is no one way exact way to perfecting yoga.  Every day and class is as unique as the way your body feels from day to day.  However, knowing the foundation of yoga postures offers new and experienced yogis an opportunity to extend into new and deeper frontiers within your yoga practice. Our workshops offer also offer a unique take to yoga and other areas of fitness.






For those just beginning or restarting their yoga journey, this five week workshop with instructor Rachel Yu will prepare you to confidently join any of the Breathe Yoga studio classes. Teaching proper alignment and modifications, Rachel will also provide hand-outs and definitions so workshop graduates will smile knowingly when they hear phrases like Paschimottanasana or Baddha Konasana. No need for intimidation!


The cost of the five week program includes use of studio mats. While classes are cumulative, individual classes will be accessible to those only able to attend certain portions.


Five-week course (includes the use of studio mats): $120

Individual course: $20


Fall dates: TBA


  • Where: Breathe Yoga
  • Program Cost: $120
  • Instructor: Rachel Yu

"It was great! Thank you very much! I do realize that this is exactly what I need in my life. I know that I will slowly improve with time and practice."


"Very helpful and helped me understand each yoga pose in depth. I am now able to correct myself if I feel the pose is not correct."


"The beginning class was a great way to learn the poses in a comfortable environment."


"Feel much more confident in participating in future classes. Last class was the best. I found the first class mechanical."


"Very informative and relaxed environment. Thank you :)"


"The instructors were very friendly and helpful. It might be nice to add one or two classes at the end to work on poses and integration of poses in a typical class format to help boost the confidence of students."


"Hoping you have more classes to offer on the weekends. :) Great job. Pilates class would be great." "The class was great! Still wish I had pictures of the poses! Thank you! :)"

About Your Instructor



RYT200 | STOTT PILATES® Certified, Level One |
TRX Suspension Trainer



Rachel began her yoga practice over 15 years ago, when she was living in San Francisco. She completed her Yoga Teacher certification in 2008 in Ann Arbor, MI.


Her teaching experience has included: Washtenaw Community College, Environmental Protection Agency, Huron Valley Swim Club, Chelsea Library, Chelsea Milling, Running Fit, Yoga Room, Chelsea, Dexter & Manchester Wellness Centers, as well as Community Support & Treatment Services. She has studied with Paul Grilley, Beryl Bender Birch, Jonny Kest, Desiree Rambaugh, Eric Schiffmann, David Swenson, Tias Little and Judtih Lasater. Rachel is also a STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor, Level 1 and a TRX Suspension Trainer.


She enjoys teaching all levels and various class types, from beginners through seniors, and believes that everyone can benefit from a yoga practice. They only need to find what works best for them, and Rachel is willing and able to help students find their way.




Her favorite poses are Plank & Savasana. Plank because it requires shoulder and core stability, and challenges the entire body. And Savasana because you have to totally surrender to the pose and the breath, fulfilling the intention of the asana practice by preparing the body and mind for meditation."





Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) is mindfulness-based and incorporates elements of life coaching, body therapy, dance, bodywork, improv. and martial arts, essentially a pragmatic way of exploring yoga practice that shines a light on our life off the mat. Postures and group exercises are used to explore and develop the body as a way of being, integral to how we live. EYP is about improving personal freedom, the relationships that matter most in our lives, and effectiveness in making the world a better place. Yoga for more than just your hamstrings.


The cost of the workshop includes use of studio mats and props.


Individual workshop: $20


August 12, 2017



  • Where: Breathe Yoga
  • Instructor: Jamie Abrams

About Your Instructor





Jamie Abrams has been teaching internationally and living her yoga for 17 years. She has a constant appetite for learning and maintains an on-going education in yoga, biomechanics and embodiment practices. Jamie has many strings to her bow. She is certified in Thai Yoga Massage, Super Sleep Yoga, Embodied Yoga Principles and Partner Yoga, to name a few. Known for her light-hearted and warm flair, Jamie leads classes and workshops along with private tuition and gives mentoring to other teachers.


Jamie’s focus is always to encourage building a strong foundation in both body and mind, using a blend of sustainable, biomechanical approaches, corrective movements and restoratives. She motivates you to be playful, making enquiries physically and mentally to get you living freely in your body the way you were designed to. She empowers you with skills to make impactful life choices – no matter what style of yoga you love.


For more information on Jamie, please her website or find her on Facebook.